• My Ultralight Backpacking Gearlist

    Mon 25 July 2016

    Ultralight Backpacking Gearlist

    I learned to backpack from PCT&CDT thru-hiker, so naturally my backpacking tradition falls within that of "ultralight". A friend asked about my gearlist recently, which prompted me to catalog, weigh, and document it. While this pack isn't winning the weight wars in any way, it's a working example of …

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  • Mt. Lassen Circumnavigation

    Thu 14 July 2016

    Route Overview

    Length: 18 miles.
    Time: Two days.
    Type: Cross country, trail, roadwalk.
    KML File: MyMaps. Click the 3-dots to the right of the title, then click "Download KML".
    Pictures: Flickr Gallery with captions.

    Here are pictures and a .kml route from a two-day solo cross-country circumnavigation of Mt. Lassen over the …

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  • Mini Summer Internship: Transcribe Zapotec Fieldnotes

    Fri 15 April 2016

    UPDATE: This internship has been assigned, currently in progress with Rachael Silva of SJSU.

    Interested in linguistic fieldwork?

    I am seeking a volunteer (or several) to help digitize some highly-detailed IPA notebook transcriptions, which correspond to recordings that I gathered over the summer of 2010 in San Mateo Rio Hondo …

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  • Joseph D Grant County Park - North Loop

    Thu 14 April 2016

    Length: 11 miles.
    Elevation gain: 2660 feet.
    Official Santa Clara County Map: Link

    This is a loop with stunning views of Mt. Hamilton observatory and the lower Bay Area. It can easily be made into a shorter loop by taking the "yellow" shortcut back to the parking lot.

    Start by …

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  • The Granite Dome Summit

    Wed 15 July 2015
    Granite Dome - Solo Expedition 2015

    Recently, I went on a solo expedition to climb Granite Dome, in the Emigrant Wilderness just north of Yosemite. Here are my pictures. The route was 5,509 feet of vertical elevation gain over 20 miles. Granite Dome is a massive body whose summit is at 10,330 ft. (3 …

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  • Hike from Dupont Circle to Silver Spring - DC

    Fri 16 January 2015

    Length: 12 miles.
    Elevation gain: 2000 feet.
    Map: dupont_silversprings.kmz

    hike overview

    This trail is a 12 mile hike through Grover Archibald and Rock Creek parks, from the Dupont Circle to the Silver Spring Metro stations (both on the red line). There is surprisingly little urbanity to be encountered once in Grover …

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  • Interrogation in Southern Zapotec

    Tue 30 September 2014

    I recently gave a short talk at the San José State University Linguistics & TESOL Symposium. Here is a link to a video recording of my talk, which is a short survey of interrogative words in four Southern Zapotec variants.

    The San José State University Linguistics & Language Development Student Association has …

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  • Correction of an error in Nida (1965: 11)

    Wed 30 January 2013

    Linguists are a sharp and observant bunch. Because of this, it’s rare that a widely used linguistic exercise turns out to be wrong. However, I have stumbled onto one that seems to have been misconstrued from the get go. A legacy typo, maybe? Please take note and don’t …

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  • Boroditsky on Forum

    Sun 10 June 2012

    The best thing to happen on NPR, on the evening of Wednesday, July 4th 2012, was Michael Krasny’s interview on KQED’s “Forum” with neuroscientist Lera Boroditsky. This innovative researcher is an assistant professor of psychology, neuroscience, and symbolic systems at Stanford University. Her work is clarifying mysteries about …

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